VIAIR 7-Way Power Access

  • VIAIR 7-Way Power Access  UTVS0085180
  • VIAIR 7-Way Power Access  UTVS0085180
  • VIAIR 7-Way Power Access  UTVS0085180
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VIAIR 7-Way Power Access (92935)

7-Way round plug allows you to easily connect your compressor to the 7-way Trailer receptacle on the tow vehicle for power access without having to open your hood or access a battery.

Simply connect the adapter to the 2-Pin SAE connector on your compressor and plug the 7 way harness into the tow vehicle’s outlet for power.

Water Resistant Design to allow long-lasting use even under bad weather or hazardous road conditions. Dual handle hooks are incorporated for a better grip when plugging in or removing from the receptacle.


  • Built with Automotive Grade 7 Way Trailer Plug & 12 Gauge Wiring
  • Simple No Hassle way to Connect Your 12V Air Compressor
  • No Splicing or Tools Required
  • Eliminates Need to use Traditional Alligator Clamps
  • No More Under your Hood to get to your Vehicles Battery
  • Small & Compact, Stores Easily in Glove Box


  • For Compressors Only
  • Not designed to be powered by 110v AC household electrical power without an appropriately rated transformer.
  • Always operate the compressor at or below the MAXIMUM PRESSURE RATING of the air compressor
  • Always observe the MAXIMUM DUTY CYCLE of the air compressor.
  • Operation exceeding maximum pressure ratings and/or duty cycle will result in damage to the air compressor.
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