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XS Power Batteries Lithium Battery Charger (12V-8A)

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The XS Power Batteries Lithium Battery Charger (12V-8A) is a cutting-edge product designed for high-performance 12V batteries. Whether you have a 12V or 16V lithium-ion battery, this charger is built to rapidly and safely recharge them in various sizes.

Equipped with a High-Frequency MOSFET rectified assembly and an advanced microprocessor control board, this battery charger guarantees reliability and efficiency. The combination of these features ensures that your battery is recharged quickly and effectively, without compromising safety.

When it comes to specifications, the XS Power Batteries Lithium Battery Charger (12V-8A) boasts an AC input voltage ranging from 100-120/200-230 VAC, 47-63 Hz. Its AC input connections measure 5.0’ (1.5 m) AWG 16, while the DC output connections are 3.9’ (1.19 m) AWG 10. With these specifications, you can trust that this charger is built to perform impeccably.

Weighing in at a mere 2.2lbs, the XS Power Batteries Lithium Battery Charger (12V-8A) is designed to be portable and convenient. Its dimensions of 6.1in in length, 3.54in in height, and 2in in width make it easy to carry and store.

Please note that while the Li Charger series offers incredible charging capabilities, it is crucial to follow the safety instructions provided. Since it generates a low DC voltage and high DC current to charge the batteries, misusing or operating the charger incorrectly may result in damage to the charger or hazardous conditions for the user. Prioritize safety when using this product to ensure a positive charging experience.

With electrical specifications boasting an absorption voltage of 14.4VDC and a maximum output voltage of 14.4VDC, this charger is capable of delivering a current of 8A +/- 0.5A, 15A +/- 0.5A, or 25A +/- 0.5A depending on your battery's requirements. Additionally, at full load, the wattage ranges from 8A=112W or 134W, 15A=210W or 252W, to 25A=350W or 420W, demonstrating the charger's power and efficiency.

Experience the reliability, efficiency, and safety of the XS Power Batteries Lithium Battery Charger (12V-8A) and never worry about your batteries running low again.
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