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ZBroz Racing Can-Am Defender X MR 2.2" X1 Series Front Exit Shocks

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XMR 2.2” X1 Series Front Exit Shocks are specifically designed to fit the Can-Am Defender X MR 2 Seat models from 2018 to 2021. With their direct bolt-on capabilities, these shocks are easy to install and replace your stock shocks.

The X1 Series Front Exit Shocks have a billet body construction, which not only adds durability but also helps in keeping your shocks running cool during intense rides. The high-flow piston and precise valve tuning ensure optimal performance and meet your expectations.

To provide you with maximum control and customization, the X1 Series EXIT Shocks come with compression adjustability. With our billet designed knobs, you can easily dial in your shocks to match the terrain and your riding style. No tools required, simply turn the dial and make adjustments on the go.

The dual rate spring setup of the X1 EXIT Shocks includes adjustable billet crossover rings. This feature allows you to set the crossover point according to your liking, resulting in a true dual rate setup.

By adding the X1 Series Front Exit Shocks to your Can-Am Defender X MR, you can experience improved control and stability on various terrains. These shocks also increase "bottoming resistance," which means you can confidently tackle rough trails without worrying about impacts.

In addition to their superior performance, our shocks are made with high-quality materials in the USA. The billet construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, while the high-performance silicone wire resists sagging, ensuring consistent results every time you ride.

Overall, the ZBroz Racing Can-Am Defender X MR 2.2" X1 Series Front Exit Shocks are the perfect upgrade for your Can-Am Defender X MR. With their easy installation, adjustable features, and superior performance, these shocks will transform your riding experience and elevate your off-road adventures.
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