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Assault Industries Navigator Leather Steering Wheel (Lime Squeeze / Green)

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Make your off-roading adventures even more thrilling with the Assault Industries Navigator Leather Steering Wheel. Designed to conquer rough terrain with ease, this steering wheel will give you the control and grip you need to navigate through uncharted territory.

Boasting a wider grip, this leather steering wheel allows for greater steering control, ensuring that you can maneuver your machine effortlessly. With a diameter of 330 mm, it provides a hefty grip that maximizes your control as you battle through rough terrain and dodge the elements. The black leather finish ensures that your hands won't slip, even in the most challenging conditions.

In addition to its functional benefits, the Assault Industries Navigator Leather Steering Wheel also adds a touch of style to your cab. Its rigid design, finished in black leather, complements the fierce look of your vehicle. The Assault logo, stitched in gray, adds an extra detail that showcases your commitment to quality and aesthetics. To truly personalize your cab, you can choose from five different colored base plates to accent the middle top plate.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this steering wheel is built to last. The billet aluminum center plate and stainless steel lower plate provide durability and increased rigidity, ensuring high-precision control. Wrapped in genuine two-tone leather, it also offers comfort during long rides.

Please note that the Assault Industries Navigator Leather Steering Wheel requires the Assault Industries Steering Wheel Hub for installation. It is also compatible with Assault Industries' 6-bolt universal quick-release steering wheel adapter.

Upgrade your off-roading experience with the Assault Industries Navigator Leather Steering Wheel. Conquer rough terrain with confidence and enjoy the added style and functionality it brings to your cab.
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