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Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle Clear Tear-Offs 10 Pack

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The Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle Clear Tear-Offs 10 Pack is designed to enhance your riding experience to a whole new level. If you're tired of your goggles getting dirty, fogged up, or scratched, then these tear-offs are exactly what you need. Each pack contains 10 clear tear-offs, ensuring that you always have a fresh and clear vision on the track.

With these tear-offs, you can easily remove any debris, mud, or dirt that accumulates on your goggles during your rides. This means that you can ride in even the most challenging conditions without worrying about obstructed vision. Whether you're racing through muddy terrain, flying off dirt jumps, or tackling extreme conditions, these tear-offs will keep your vision crystal clear.

Designed specifically for use with Infinity goggles, these tear-offs are easy to install and provide a tight and secure fit. They are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to tearing, ensuring that they will last through numerous rides. Each tear-off is transparent, allowing you to maintain optimal visibility without any distortion or blurriness.

The tear-offs are strategically designed to allow quick and easy removal. When your vision becomes impaired, simply peel off the top tear-off layer to reveal a fresh, clear surface underneath. This innovative design ensures that you can maintain maximum visibility without having to stop or remove your goggles.

The Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle Clear Tear-Offs 10 Pack is a must-have accessory for any serious rider. Don't let dirt, mud, or extreme weather conditions hinder your performance on the track. Invest in these tear-offs and experience an enhanced riding experience with unobstructed vision and clarity. With this pack of 10 tear-offs, you'll always have a fresh start for every ride, allowing you to focus on what matters most – conquering new challenges and pushing your limits without compromising visibility or safety.

*Note: These tear-offs are only compatible with Infinity goggles.
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