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Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian)

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  • Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian) Havoc Racing Co UTVS0013063 UTV Source
  • Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian)  UTVS0013063
  • Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian)  UTVS0013063
  • Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian)  UTVS0013063
  • Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian)  UTVS0013063
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Havoc Racing Co
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The Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian) is the ultimate goggle for off-road enthusiasts. With its fully customizable design and innovative features, this goggle will revolutionize your riding experience.

The Infinity Goggle features a frameless design, allowing for a wider field of vision and eliminating the risk of dirt and sand getting inside. The lens is fixed magnetically onto the goggle, ensuring a secure fit that won't pop off during rides. This industrial grade magnetic lens also allows for quick and easy lens changes on the go, so you can adapt to changing weather and lighting conditions without missing a beat.

One of the standout features of the Infinity Goggle is its thick foam, which is the thickest in the industry. This foam provides maximum comfort and sweat absorption, keeping your face dry and comfortable even during the most intense rides. The goggle also features an extra curved frame, which creates a better seal around the face to prevent any unwanted elements from getting in.

Customizability is key with the Infinity Goggle. The one-click removable strap allows for 100% customization, so you can match your goggle to your style. Plus, the strap is easily removable for easy washing after those dirty rides.

The Infinity Goggle also includes several additional features to enhance your riding experience. The anti-fog and anti-scratch lens comes with tear off posts, ensuring clear vision even in challenging conditions. The lens is also anti-UV, protecting your eyes from harmful rays. The adjustable 3D embroidered anti-slip strap provides a secure and comfortable fit, while the included goggle bag keeps your goggle protected when not in use.

With the Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Obsidian), you'll never miss a moment on the trail. Its innovative design, customizable features, and premium materials make it the perfect goggle for any off-road adventure. Upgrade your riding experience with the Infinity Goggle today.
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