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PCI Race Radios Kenwood NX-5700 High Power Radio

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  • PCI Race Radios Kenwood NX-5700 High Power Radio  UTVS0080208
  • PCI Race Radios Kenwood NX-5700 High Power Radio  UTVS0080208
  • PCI Race Radios Kenwood NX-5700 High Power Radio  UTVS0080208
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The PCI Race Radios Kenwood NX-5700 High Power Radio is a masterpiece when it comes to providing unparalleled communication. This radio surpasses all expectations and is guaranteed to outperform any other radio on the market.

One of the most notable features of the Kenwood NX-5700 is its impressive 110-watt high power output. With this kind of power, you can expect to have exceptional signal strength and coverage, ensuring that you never miss a crucial message.

To ensure that your communication is crystal clear, this radio is equipped with voice playback, allowing you to replay important messages or instructions. Additionally, the active DSP noise cancelling feature eliminates the background noise, making it perfect for high-noise environments such as races or construction sites.

The full-color 2.55-inch display on the Kenwood NX-5700 provides clear and intuitive navigation. You can easily view important information such as the date and time, ensuring that you stay on track with your schedule. The display is also bright and vibrant, making it easily readable even in bright sunlight.

In terms of versatility, this radio is exceptional. With 12 watts of external speaker output, you can easily connect external speakers to enhance audio performance. Plus, the IP54/55 dust and water protection ensure that the radio can withstand challenging environments, making it highly durable.

With the capability of handling up to 1000 channels, the Kenwood NX-5700 offers unmatched flexibility in communication. You can easily switch between channels and frequencies, giving you the adaptability you need in various situations.

Rest assured, this radio complies with both Part 90 and Part 80 FCC certifications, ensuring that you are using a top-quality device. Additionally, we provide a generous 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Please be aware, this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, visit

In conclusion, the PCI Race Radios Kenwood NX-5700 High Power Radio is the epitome of communication excellence. With its high power, exceptional features, and durability, this radio is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Experience the difference with the Kenwood NX-5700 and elevate your communication to new heights.
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