Rotopax Gallon Extension (1, 2, 2.25, and 4 Gallon)

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  • Rotopax Gallon Extension (1, 2, 2.25, and 4 Gallon) Rotopax UTVS0026879 UTV Source
  • Rotopax Gallon Extension 1, 2, 2.25, and 4 Gallon RX-EXT
  • Rotopax Gallon Extension 1, 2, 2.25, and 4 Gallon RX-EXT
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Automatic Distributors
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Western Powersports
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The Rotopax Gallon Extension is a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts who want to maximize their storage capacity. With its innovative design and durable construction, this extension allows you to stack multiple packs together, providing you with ample space for all your gear.

One of the standout features of this product is its new anodized aluminum construction. This material not only adds to the overall strength and durability of the extension, but it also enhances its aesthetic appeal. The sleek and polished finish of the anodized aluminum gives the extension a modern and high-quality look, making it a great addition to your outdoor equipment.

The versatility of the Rotopax Gallon Extension is another major selling point. It is available in four different sizes - 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 2.25 gallons, and 4 gallons, allowing you to choose the capacity that best suits your needs. Whether you need extra storage for a day trip or a longer adventure, this extension has got you covered.

To use the extension, simply attach it to a pack mount (RX-PM, RX-PM-DLX, RX-PM-LOX) using the provided hardware. The pack mount securely holds the extension in place, ensuring that your gear stays safe and secure even during rough off-road adventures. This easy installation process allows you to quickly and effortlessly expand your storage capacity whenever needed.

The Rotopax Gallon Extension is designed with convenience in mind. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction allows for easy transport, and the extension can be easily detached from the pack mount when not in use. This portability makes it ideal for use in various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, off-roading, and more.

Overall, the Rotopax Gallon Extension is a reliable and versatile accessory that provides you with the extra storage capacity you need. With its new anodized aluminum construction, easy installation process, and four different size options, this extension is a must-have for anyone looking to maximize their gear storage while enjoying outdoor adventures. Grab your Rotopax Gallon Extension today and experience the convenience and functionality it offers!
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