SpeedStrap Shreddy 1" x 10" Cam-Lock Down with Snap S-Hooks and Soft-Tie (2 Pack)

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Grab a set of these SpeedStrap / Shreddy Lyfe collab tie downs! These special edition straps feature custom teal webbing, with Shreddy/SpeedStrap logos down the length. Cam-locks tie-downs are quick and easy to use. Great for those repetitive loads, motorcycles, or anything sitting in the bed of your truck. These tie-downs feature a sewn-in soft-tie that makes attaching to handle bars quick and easy. The aluminum insert allows for great bite and keeps the tie down tight over a long period of time. Each tie-down features heavy duty 9.5mm coated “S” hooks with a retention clip that keep the hook secured until you can get the strap tightened down. 1200lbs maximum rated capacity, with 400lbs safe working load.

Available in Teal. Sold as a 2-Pack.


  • Grab a set of these special edition Shreddy Tie-Downs with teal webbing!
  • Secure bikes, boards, or anything sitting in the bed of your truck.
  • Quick and easy to use Cam-Lock tie-downs for any cargo
  • Soft-tie that wraps around handle bars for easy and safe attachment
  • Aluminum insert allows for great bite strength and keeps the tie-down tight over a long period of time
  • Heavy duty 9.5mm coated snap hooks with built in retention clip
  • Durable Teal Polyester Webbing with SpeedStrap and Shreddy Logos
  • Rated at 1200 lbs. MRC


  • WEIGHT : 4 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS : 3 × 5 × 9 in
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